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Northern Rivers

NSW 2480




Workshop Schedule 




Oct 19th & 26th, Nov 2nd  

                 ACE Community College, Lismore

                 Clay Figurines @ Silvercloud Studios

                 1 pm to 4 pm

                 $120 excludes materials

                 Firings excluded and by arrangement


November 11th - 22nd 

                   Orana Arts, Dubbo NSW


December 7th  

               Studio 14, Silvercloud Studios

                    Clay Figurines

                    10.30 am to 3.30 pm

                $95 includes materials and tea

                Firings excluded and by arrangement




February 3rd - 14th 

         Orana Arts, Dubbo NSW


Feb 22nd & 29th, March 7th 

              ACE Community College, Lismore

                 Platters & Bowls @ Silvercloud Studios

                 1 pm to 4 pm

                 $120 excludes materials

                 Firings excluded and by arrangement


March 8th - 14th

            Lismore Woman's Festival

                Platters & Bowls @ Silvercloud Studios 

                Dates and Times to be confirmed


May 2nd, 9th, 16th

                 ACE Community College, Lismore

                 Clay Figurines @ Silvercloud Studios

                 1 pm to 4 pm

                 $120 excludes materials

                 Firings excluded and by arrangement


Victoria's workshops are for all who enjoy creating with clay

The workshops explore the human form and functional wares

Beginners to the more experienced are welcome


Traditional techniques used:

coil, slab, pinch techniques in hand building

surface treatment in slips, oxides, stains, and under-glazes


Aims and Objectives:

learn basic terminology used in ceramics

gain some knowledge of different types of clays; paper clays in particular 

learn the 3 core techniques in hand building

gain a basic understanding of slips, oxides, stains, underglaze, and clear glaze

gain a basic understanding of kiln technology

understand the requirements needed to create a ceramic piece, independently 


Workshops directly with Victoria:

If you'd like to participate in a workshop, for Victoria to host a workshop at Silvercloud Studios or at your chosen venue

For more information Contact


Workshops in collaboration with ACE Community College, Lismore

         Workshops are run each NSW School Term, by Victoria in collaboration with ACE Community College

         Bookings are through ACE Community College

              For Clay Figurine booking  https://www.acecolleges.edu.au/course-category/leisure-and-lifestyle/arts-creativity/clay-figurines/

              For Platters & Bowls booking https://www.acecolleges.edu.au/course-category/leisure-and-lifestyle/arts-creativity/home-clay-creations/


Workshops in collaboration with Orana Arts, Dubbo NSW 

        Orana Arts runs a variety of programs and special projects that help communities participate in the arts

           The Country Art Support Program is managed by Orana Arts through devolved funding from Create NSW

           For more information Contact